October, 2017

Yes, I love to fish.  But I also love classic rock and roll, baby!  Okay, I love country music also.

I admit - I am old.  My all-time favorite band from the 80's is Styx.  I never got to see them as a teenager, so when I heard they were coming to Tallahassee, I simply had to get tickets.  So I did.  Since it isn't country music, Terri actually decided to join me.

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast

When we arrived, Terri asked, "Do we have seats or is it standing-room only?"

I sheepishly replied, "Well, I don't know, I suppose we will see when we get in."  So I picked up our tickets (that I bought like 6 months ago) at the "Will Call" box and in we went.

1st step - Grab a beer.
2nd step - Find our seats.

Hmm.  Where is Row A?  Let's see, the letter "A" is the first letter in the alphabet, I wonder if it is the first row directly in front of the stage?

Well of course it is silly!  Styx was my FAVORITE band!  I couldn't afford front-row VIP seats as a teenager, but I da*n well can now!  

As soon as we sit down, Terri turns to me, smiles and says, "I should have figured".  I just smile back and sip my beer.  Let the STYX concert begin!

Pictures are worth a thousand words so no sense is me droning on about how unbelievably amazing the evening was when I can just include some pictures.  Kudos to Terri for doing such a great job with all the pictures.  My picture-taking skills are abysmal.

Here you go.  Enjoy everyone (all three of you readers).  I know I enjoyed it.

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast
One foot from the stage.  Okay, that rocks (literally).

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast

Fishing Florida's Forgotten CoastFishing Florida's Forgotten Coast
Tommy Shaw still killing it on the guitar.

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast
Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast

We SEE you - but trust me - we can't HEAR you.

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast
My hair never looked that good.

Fishing Florida's Forgotten CoastFishing Florida's Forgotten Coast
One of the original band members - James Young.  Loved his expressions.

Oh, and my FAVORITE, FAVORITE picture I have saved for last.  These are the custom STYX guitar pics that Tommy Shaw actually handed me while I was standing next to the stage.  From his guitar to my hand!  

Now, on my desk, right in front of my Capt'n Hook coffee cup.  OMG!

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast


Oh, yeah, one more picture.  You gotta get a shirt!

Capt'n Hook
Feeling a little rough on this Friday morning - Worth it!

I think I will get started on a Spotify Styx playlist so that next time I go fishing, I will just listen to their music!  If you don't like Styx, you should stay home that day.

Thanks for reading (all three of you).  Hi Caroline.

Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast

Royal Rangers

October, 2017

A few weeks ago, I met a woman (Rebekah) at my doctor's office who, after some casual conversations about church, discovered that I was a Captain.  She asked if I would be willing to take her and her husband and their local chapter of the Royal Rangers out on a deep-sea fishing trip.

I said I would be happy to.

My perception of the Royal Rangers is that they are kind of like the Boy Scouts, but with a more Christian foundation.  They also have other components like the Adventure Rangers:

So, on Saturday, some parents, a few of the Rangers, and little Alexis (my personal favorite and co-Captain) went offshore fishing.

Unfortunately, it was a very windy day and the seas were rough.  Most species are closed right now, but just for fun, I had intended to head out to K Tower (20 miles offshore) to look for, and fight, some big AmberJack. They are always fun, challenging, and memorable to catch. Unfortunately, we didn't make it that far offshore - simply because we were battling 4-5 foot seas.

I could write a long blog about our trip, but the excellent video they put together really kind of sums the day up.  Even though it was rough out there and a couple people got a little seasick, most everyone (who wasn't barfing) had a really good time. Except for the rough seas, it was a very pretty day. We caught some gag grouper, a King Mackerel and a large bonita.

We ate the King at the restaurant for lunch.  It was yummy.

I got a fantastic gift bag from them which included a cool Royal Rangers shirt an Adventure Rangers hat, but most of all, I got some new friends.  Most of these kids had never been offshore fishing, so I hope it was an experience they will remember for a long time. It was quite the adventure!  I had a great time.

Thank you to Mike for helping crew.  I couldn't have done it without you, my friend.

So here is the cool video David (the Dad) put together.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading / watching everyone.

I hope to be back soon. I'm running out of year though.