2015. Gonna Be Interesting!

Hello everybody!  I hope everyone had a manageable winter!  Although I do feel sorry for the people up in Boston and the Northeast.  Man, their winter SUCKED!  As I type this, (March 4th) they are due for yet another snow storm.  Thank goodness I live in Florida.
But Spring is almost here.  I love Spring.

February is gone.  I hate February.  It is my least favorite month – probably why they put so few days in it.

Believe it or not though, we actually had ONE decent day in February.  On that decent day, Cameron and I took a young man named Corentin Plaisant out on the new Century.  Corentin is a French exchange student who has been living with us the last couple of weeks.  Corentin, being from the French countryside has never been on a boat and has never caught a fish.  So we took the young man out in the Gulf of Mexico.  Well, now he can mark both those off his young bucket list.  There wasn’t much biting out there (February!), but we headed a few miles offshore and caught a few small fish.  Corentin loved it!  Here are a few quick shots:

Panacea Fishing - Cameron

Good luck Corentin!  He leaves us tomorrow.  We will all miss you.  Cameron will especially miss you.  Hopefully, you can figure out how to translate this blog to French.


Okay, so that was the ONLY decent day in February.  Back in the days of my cluelessness, I used to try to fish in February in North Florida.  Pssh Shaw.   That is for suckers.  With all due respect to all the fishing magazines out there who put humongous fish on their February covers.  Fishing in February sucks. 

So, are you ready?  Are you ready for some improvements in 2015?  You want something better?  Okay, we got you covered.

2015 is going to be cool!


Cause we are going to produce an offshore fishing show! 

The television show is called, "Capt'n Hook - Fishing Florida's Forgotten Coast"

We have no idea what we are doing.  But that's okay.  We don't really know what we are doing out on the water either.  That has never stopped us. 

We hired a young lady out of the FSU Communications School to be our Videographer.  Her name is Charmaine.  She doesn't like being in front of the camera, just behind it, but she said I could post this photo.  Here she is on an exceptionally nasty February day preparing to do an interview of us working on the boat:


Charmaine will be joining us offshore on our fishing adventures this Spring, Summer and Fall.  Everything will be filmed - well, maybe not everything.  She is stuck on the boat with us geeks and yahoos.  God help her. 

Boat work day:  (Another miserable, crappy day in February).  Great job guys (Ryan, Gene, Mike) getting everything working - especially Sirius Satellite Radio cause I gotta have my classic rock and roll blaring while we are trolling!

Rock Landing Marina

Here she is all cleaned up, ready to fish!!!!


Capt'n Hook was somewhat industrious during the off-season.  I started studying for my Coast Guard Captain's License in October.  I attended Sea School.  I DID pass all the tests, graduate and I received a Diploma, but I don't yet have my "official" Coast Guard Captain's License.  The paperwork has been submitted to the Coast Guard, but as of yet, nothing in the mail.  Wish me luck.

Captain Marc Paul

I'll share more information on the Capt'n Hook Fishing Show as move forward this year.  Soon, we will be publishing the Capt'n Hook website.  I'll keep you informed through this blog, but soon this blog will be available on that website. 

Bottom line:  The new boat is bigger, we are heading farther offshore into deeper water, and you should expect bigger fish.  And - you should expect LOTS of videos.

Lastly - If we make it to V Tower, I am scheduled for a tattoo - a big tattoo on my leg.  Yes, my acquisition of that tattoo will be filmed.  Unless I cry like a baby - which I probably will.

Back soon everyone.  Welcome to Spring!

Captain Marc Paul
"Almost?" Captain Marc Paul