There are two months that I really don't care for:  February and August.  February is rainy, nasty, windy, cloudy and nasty.  Yes, I purposely wrote nasty twice.  No fishing in February.

August in Tallahassee is frickin hot!  The water temperature is 83 degrees for god's sake.  And the daily thunderstorms are not to be trifled with 30 miles offshore.

But I didn't want you to think that Capt'n Hook had completely disappeared.  I have been vacationing with my family in San Francisco; sending Cameron off to his first year at UNF; working at the office so that I can make enough money to return to fishing; working on the crack-shack in Panacea so we can have a place to stay AFTER fishing; and staying in the air-conditioning as much as possible.

We typically start fishing again in September when the weather cools off just a bit.  Some of my electronics are broken (i.e. the fishfinder keeps freezing), so we really have to get that working before we head back out again.  Always something going wrong on a boat.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this short video that was recently sent to me.

I love it!!!!!!

Click Here For Video:  Banana? I don't think so.

Enjoy the end of your summer folks.

Captain Marc Paul